How To Help

It was once said that the moral test of a community is how the community treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.

~ Hubert H. Humphrey 1911-1978

What is Oak Hills Memorial Foundation?

Oak Hills Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a 501.c.3, not-for-profit organization. Its purpose is to care for and grow its investments so that it can make grants that benefit Oak Hills Living Center, enriching the lives of the clients they serve and the staff who provide those services and to provide educational opportunities for them and for the community. Besides operating funds, it has the Leave a Legacy Endowment Fund, from which only income is used for granting, and the Clara Schonlau Special Projects Fund, from which, in general, only income would be used, but it could be accessed were there a special project. The Foundation Board also sponsors several fund-raising events each year which enable further granting.

Currently there are 4 designated funds in the Foundation

  • The Special Projects Fund: Is a fund used for a specific identified immediate need project that is necessary to enhance quality of life for residents. The money is raised for a specific purpose and spent as available for that project.
  • The Leave a Legacy Fund: Is a permanent endowment fund, in which the primary objective will be to maintain principal using a portion of its income to fund projects or items for Oak Hills Living Center. The goal is to grow the endowment so that a significant impact could be made in quality of life improvements funded by interest income. Donors who wish for their donation to have ongoing benefit will find this fund of interest. Grants will be given annually from this fund.
  • Capital Improvements/Building Fund: These funds, along with others raised through a capital drive, would be used for the occasional major improvements that may be needed.
  • The Schonlou Endowment Fund: One of New Ulm’s most generous citizens and long-time resident of Oak Hills Living Center donated money in her estate specifically directing interest to be used for the purchase of equipment.

Ways to Give

  • Cash: The simplest and most common form of support. Tax benefits area available for such gifts when you itemize your tax return.
  • Securities: Donating appreciated securities can be advantageous. Avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation with a charitable deduction. Oak Hills Memorial Foundation assumes ownership of the stock at full value.
  • Gifts Providing Income to You: Gift Annuity, or Deferred Gift Annuity. This very popular method of giving is worth investigating through an accountant or financial advisor. It may be a win-win situation for you and for your charity of choice. The three vehicles below are also income providers.

o Charitable Unitrusts
o Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts
o Charitable Real Estate Annuity

  • Unique Giving Opportunities:

o Gifts-In-Kind (Art, Vehicles, Furnishings, etc.)
o Life Insurance
o Real Estate – retain right to use real estate
o Corporate Matching Gifts

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer your time and talents to the residents of Oak Hills Living Center. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain new skills and find a purpose in helping others. Volunteers make a difference each day at Oak Hills. There are many different volunteer opportunities to fit individual time schedules, interests and abilities.

From bingo and crafts to playing cards and reading, chances are there is a wonderful volunteer opportunity that is right for you. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Eileen Jacobson, at 507-233-0815.

Oak Hills Auxiliary

The Oak Hills Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who help make difference for the residents and staff at Oak Hills Living Center. Our mission is to “Promote and enhance the quality of life for the residents and the quality of the work environment for the staff of Oak Hills Living Center”

The funds raised from projects have enabled us to buy many items for the Oak Hill’s residents and staff and also to support larger projects with contributions. Some recent projects include: songbooks for the Chapel, Journal subscriptions and a sound system for bingo.