COVID-19 Update

Re-opening guidance:  Based on a thorough review of the guidance from MN Department of Health, an assessment of our current status and COVID-19 response plan, and our commitment to protect our residents and staff, we will not be resuming visitation inside our building at this time.  Our decision was based on our infection control and clinical practices, as well as potential exposure of COVID-19 in our setting and the broader community.

We will re-evaluate this decision based on clinical factors each week and will keep you informed on the status of when we will resume visitation in our setting. We understand this is difficult news to receive. Please know we continue to offer outdoor visits, window visits and visits through technology, as well as support compassionate care visits and essential caregivers for designated residents.

We have received several requests for essential caregivers.  We appreciate and understand the requests; however, we need to ensure the specific criteria is met.  Requests are reviewed weekly by the Interdisciplinary Team to determine eligibility.  Due to the specific criteria, not everyone will qualify. We know that this is hard on everyone, but our number one goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.


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