As you have heard, Governor Walz made an announcement yesterday that Nursing Homes will be opening up to visitors on Saturday, October 17th.  What he failed to announce is that there is a lot of planning and specific criteria that goes along with the new guidelines.  We also just found out about the new visitation guidelines and now we need time to implement a plan to be able to open up the facility.  We are as anxious as you are, to start allowing residents to see their loved ones, however, we need to ensure it is safe to do so.   Once we have an opportunity to review the guidelines and get a plan in place, we will make sure you receive that information.  One thing that we do know for sure, is that we are unable to open up the doors if a staff person or a resident has tested positive for Covid in the past 14 days.  We did have a staff person test positive last week so it will be at least 1 more week.  Thank you for you understanding during all of this.  We know how difficult this has been for everyone.

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