Monthly radio spot

Once a month, the first Weds of the month to be exact, at 9:15 I get the honor and pleasure of being on KNUJ radio with morning host Brian Filzen.  It is an opportunity to share with the community things that are going on at Oak Hills.  In fact the name of the program is Community Affairs, makes sense.  Brian does a great job of keeping the show interesting, and he always has me on my toes. A few of the things we talked about yesterday were the monthly freezer meals that can be ordered online until April 10th by going to the Oak Hills Living Center website.  This month the meals are: broccoli and beef w/ rice, chicken chili, glazed ham balls, turkey pot pie, and tuscan chicken mac and cheese.  We had a surprise guest appearance by Kathy Austinson (the Oak Hills memorial foundation director), who came to talk about the Foundation Frolics that are happening May 3rd at the Best Western.  The theme is Retro TV and tickets are $55 and include a meal and entertainment.  Reservations can be made by calling 507-359-2120.   We have a lot of really exciting activities happening this month including: a Babe Ruth presentation by Dr. Dean Brinkman and Randy Krzmarzick, Nuvera presentation of the history of the telephone, remembering the titanic, New Ulm ATA martial arts demonstration, bee program by bee keeper Cody, Lucille Ball program, and many Easter activities.  You can check the Oak Hills Living Center website for a list of activities.

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