Welcome Spring!

We are all excited about the warmer weather, and happy to see the sun shining again.   We are having a welcome spring party today, complete with spring trivia, spring songs, planting some plants, and fruit kabobs.  We also had residents and staff that filled out NCAA tournament brackets.   It is fun to watch and see which teams continue in the tournament and if anyone gets the final winning team correct.   Other activities we have going on as the month comes to an end: we will be bringing in Happy Joe’s pizza, the Kindergarten kids will be coming for a visit, Jan Mielke will be performing, the Puppy Love therapy dogs will be here, Ruth will be displaying her amazing handiwork, George Maha will be performing, intern Hayley Neid will be presenting about her trip to Peru, and Tony Berg and friends end out the month.  On March 28th we will be watching the Twins baseball home opener and encourage staff and residents to dress in their Twins attire.

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