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Established Our Roots

Oak Hills Living Center established our roots as Highland Manor in 1958.

A New Facility

In 1995, a new facility was built and rebranded as Oak Hills Living Center to offer a home to 94 seniors in our skilled nursing facility and 16 seniors in our assisted living. 

An Additonal Branch

We added an additional branch to our facility in 2003 with 16 additional assisted living apartments as a result of a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A Complete Remodel

In 2008, our home was completely remodeled to create the relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere we have today.

About Oak Hills

Oak Hills Living Center is a standalone, community owned, 501c3 non-profit retirement community. As a standalone, we have no corporate parent company, and are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community members.

We originated as a replacement to Highland Manor Nursing Home. Highland Manor began providing long term care to seniors in New Ulm and the surrounding communities in 1958. On July 1st, 1995, Oak Hills Living Center opened its doors to 94 seniors. Later that year, it welcomed 16 seniors to the Oak Hills Assisted Living facility.

In 2000, Oak Hills Living Center was awarded a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to add additional assisted living apartments. On November 1, 2003 the additional 16 apartments opened.

In 2008 the facility was completely remodeled, enabling moving away from an institutional model to more of a “home-like” environment. This culture change created five households of 16-22 residents; creating a relaxed neighborhood atmosphere embraced by residents, staff and visitors alike.

In recent years, with an emphasis on serving as a “living center” dedicated to bridging generations, Oak Hills has expanded other of its services indicative of embracing that mission:  It established a new therapy area as a hub particularly for those transitional short-term residents there between hospital and home.  With a separate entrance, it enables a comfortable environment somewhat different from that in the long-term care neighborhoods.  To maximize use of its kitchen facilities and staff, it has also launched a catering business.

Oak Hills Living Center is a non-profit facility whose operations are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  It also has a Memorial Foundation with a separate Board of Directors.  The present campus and its respective expansions were all made possible by the generosity of donors from New Ulm and the surrounding area.




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