Why Oak Hills?

We Believe Every Life Has Value!

Assisted Living- Carl's Corner

Oak Hills Living Center cares for those who can no longer care for themselves and we do it with great passion and dedication. Providing 24-hour care for complex medical conditions in our residents; these warm, funny and loving human beings who have lived, raised families, built businesses and contributed to the community we enjoy today.


To enrich and support the lives of those we care for with excellence, compassion and integrity.


We are the premier community healthcare leader for the full continuum of evolving services through innovation and creativity.


  • Accountability
    • I am accountable to do quality work for myself and others and accept ownership for my actions and attitude.
  • Communication
    • I am a committed part of a team of individuals communicating open and honestly to deliver excellence.
  • Service
    • I deliver my very best in all I do.
  • Teamwork
    • I maintain positive working relationships based on mutual respect and dignity.
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