Giving Levels (11 × 8.5 in)

Thank You For Your Dedication To Oak Hills Living Center!

Your gifts total: $997,921.11

Campaign Goal: $2,600,000

Updated 6/7/2022



Thomas Ranweiler Estate
Roger and Carol Ryberg
Oak Hills Memorial Foundation



Andy and Anne Biebl
Dr. Joan Krikava and James Bodine


Martin Brothers
New Ulm Area Foundation
Tim and Lora Rahe
The Claus and Norma Sieh Family
Paul Wessel


John and Barb Dietz
Chris and Jayne Jensen
Minnesota Valley Funeral Home
Gerald and Carol Larson
Maria Metzen Living Trust
Bob & Colleen Skillings
Dr. Ann Vogel


Frances Albright
Jean Anderson
Rachal Becker
Daniel Beranek
Donald and Margo Bode
Duane and Cleo Bohne
Jeff and Becky Braegelmann
Jeremy and Carmen Broste
Bob & Mary Ellen Domeier
Margaret Ehresmann
Toby and Amanda Freier
Full Service Electric
Jay and Wendy Hagberg
James Halek
Tom and Shirley Henderson
John and Sharon Illikman
Rick and Joan Jensen
Shirley and Dean Laraway
Roger and Joan Lindholm
Lions Club of New Ulm
Willis Lochner
Sylvester and Rosemarie Mallak
Michelle and Pete Markgraf
Candace McCrea
Scott and Gigi Rysdahl
Ron and Barb Saffert
Susan Schwab
Glen and Carol Setterholm
Craig and Laura Sievert
Jay and Ellen Vancura
David and Sue Wolff


Roger and Irene Abels
Carol Ackerson
Mary Sue Hagen Apitz
Joan Berdan
Marlin Berg
Bob and Cheryl Beussman
Dennis and Kathleen Born
Ron and Nancy Bunkers
Kara Carlson
Mary Carlson
Roger and Joanne Cherrington
Confraternity of Christian Mothers
The Ted and Karen Contag Family Fund
Tim Cordes
Lorenz and Mary Dauer
Opal Dewanz
George and Patricia Downs
Paula Evers
First United Methodist Women
Delbert and Adelle Fischer
Kara Fluegge
Duane and Carol Flygare
Dennis and Marjorie Frederickson
Jennifer Furlong
Loren and Yvonne Gag
Michael and Mary Rose Gag
Darwin Gieseke
Bob & Sue Gluth
Dale Gluth
Shirley Goering
Kathy Green
Robert Griebel
Ione Grossman
Terese Gruber
Dana Gutknecht
Elaine Haala
Charles and Kim Hanson
Tom and Patti Hayes
Linda Heine & Robert Docherty
Beverly Hoffman
James Hoffman
Jerine Hoffmann
Rhoney Hoffman
MaryAnn Holm
Esther Jensen
Jim and Konnie Jensen
Karen Kettner
Ruth Koelpin
Gordon & Lois Kuelbs
Mary Lade
Duane and Diane Lambrecht
Mary Lange
James and Sharon Lee
Sonja Leske
John & Linda Livers
Jean Luehring
Kathy Luepke
David & Lynn Martinka
Irma McLean
Patrick and Patrice McLuen
John & Connie Micheel
Leigh & Mark Miller
Tony and Tyleen Miller
Kathy Moe
Narve Nelson
Steven and Darlene Odegard
Dana Oswald
Margaret Oswald
Frank Packovsky
Bill & Renee Petersen
Wayne Plagge
Janet Platz
Marilyn Reinhart
Myron and Rosemarie Rich
Karen Rolloff
Ken & Vicky Rolloff
Mary Roufs
Phyllis Rubey
Lloyd & JoAnn Schauer
Otto and Marion Schenk
Steve & Becky Schneider
Jan Schrimpf
Paul Schuelke
Ronald and Kay Schugel
Shelley Schugel
Benny & Darlene Seifert
Christy Simpson
Sluggers Forever
Dennis Sperl
Kathy Sperl
Larry & Mardell Stueber
Marvin and Sharon Stueber
Peggy Tauer
Steven and Jeneane Thiesfeldt
Kenneth & Maryann Thorn
Jay and Ellen Vancura
Rick and Kathy Van Roekel
Susan Vogel
Mary Jo Vollmer
Scott Waldner
Denis Warta
Connie Wendinger
Julie Wendinger
Lucille Wessel
Paul Wojahn
Marlys Zetah

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