Thank You Advocates!

Candas Schouvieller, CEO/Administrator

LeadingAge, our trade association, led the legislative session and advocated for nursing homes to receive a $52 per resident day to increase average wages by $5 per hour. For most of the session, we were set to receive $0, so we are very grateful for our grassroots efforts led by Dr. Ann Vogel which Senator Gary Dahms and Representative Paul Torkelson carried out until the last day of the session. Thanks to their efforts we will receive an increase of $12.35 per resident day from July 1, 2023- December 31, 2024. This is a one-time investment that will help offset the inflation we have experienced.

Another significant piece of legislation includes every nursing home facility receiving $225,000 on August 1, 2023, and again on August 1, 2024, to be used for debt payments, restructuring, or paying off debt or to cover physical plant improvements. These funds cannot be applied to our moratorium exception grant awarded this April. These funds are significant to offset our current debt payments for several months while we address other needs.

There are several workforce related grant programs and nursing home loan programs included in this year’s legislation. Oak Hills Living Center intends to participate in all available grant and loan programs. We understand outside firms will administer these programs and require a minimum 6 months to be developed before applications can be submitted.

It is important to understand the difference between nursing home funding and elderly waiver funding. Elderly waiver is used in assisted living settings. Oak Hills currently does not participate in the Elderly Waiver program due to our existing 16-unit HUD assisted living program. HUD funding is not affected by this current legislation.

While we are grateful for this funding and the deep level of advocacy from our community and legislators, we must continue to fight for long-term systemic changes to nursing home funding. There is a very large difference between the $52 per resident day needed and the $12.35 per resident day we temporarily received. We look forward to continuing our advocacy efforts with our community members and legislators.

Angels in the Courtyard

Gigi Rysdahl and Nancy Ginkel faithfully pour their hearts into service of others through the care, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Oak Hills courtyard. They are so humble in their service that acknowledging them is continuously met with a hearty that is not necessary. Our courtyard is beautiful, peaceful and frequently holding space for someone in quiet reflection. What a gift! The waterfall is not just any waterfall, it is an exploration of many pieces including angels and gnomes! Its beauty is so appreciated. Thank you Gigi and Nancy, you are a blessing!

Pictured below: Lloyd Schauer and Gigi Rysdahl working on the Oak Hills waterfall improvements. Not pictured: Nancy Ginkel

Staff Celebrate Years of Service in May

Jamie Kruggel, TMA/RNA, celebrated 19 years with Oak Hills Living Center. Jamie works primarily days on Eagles Point, but is also willing to help out by staying late and coming in early! She knows her residents well and works hard to make sure that they have everything they need to be comfortable and cared for. She is efficient and a team player demonstrating her willingness to help with activities and other duties to serve our residents. Thank you Jamie! You are appreciated.

Molly Fischer, HUC/TMA/RNA, celebrated her 14th year with Oak Hills. Molly has a kind heart and demonstrates her caring ways with residents and staff alike. She is quick to give out compliments and show her appreciation. She works hard, goes above and beyond by coming in early to work on the floor, passing meds, helping in the kitchens, doing the dishes, or whatever it takes! Thank you for all you do Molly! We appreciate you! Congratulations!

Chantelle Neal, RNA, was chosen as employee of the month by her peers. She is always positive, a team player, overall great person, amazing hard worker, the residents love her, always has a smile on her face, positive attitude, great co-worker, super sweet, and amazing helper! Thank you for carrying out the values and mission of Oak Hills in your work!

Michelle Aspelund2012
Bergan Broste2016
Kailey Schultz2018
Christine Wilfahrt2018
Brenda Isackson2019
Emmy Munson2019
Emma Brudelie2020
Amber Kretsch2020
Kaydince Thoms2021
Grace Biesterfeld2022
Kennedy Braun2022
Grace Bregel2022
Brooklyn Grau2022
Ellidi Mielke2022
Alicia Moldan2022
Lydia Osborne2022
Ruth Stoner2022

Staff Shout Outs!

“Shout Out’s” are recognition of staff by their peers for being caught in the act demonstrating the values and mission of Oak Hills! Congratulations!

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