I’ve Got Your Back!

Candas Schouvieller, CEO/Administrator December at Oak Hills Living Center brings hustle and bustle of festive decorating, Christmas parties, treats and an overwhelming spirit of Christmas! On November 28th and November 29th, Christmas came early for us when we were able to have Adept Senior Living Solutions come into our building and do some team building […]

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Survey Says…

Candas Schouvieller, CEO / Administrator On October 6, 2023, a survey was sent out to community members, board members and staff asking for feedback about Oak Hills Living Center and we asked what “skilled nursing” care means to you. Responses ranged from “Treating patients with dignity and respect” to “All facets of daily living assistance,

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What Came First?

Candas Schouvieller, Administrator Oak Hills Memorial Foundation exists to enrich the lives of the residents and staff of Oak Hills Living Center. An assumption could be made that the Foundation came after Oak Hills, however, that would be incorrect. Let’s take a look at our history! On April 24, 1958, the first 21 Board members

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Fried Chicken

Candas Schouvieller, CEO / Administrator August brought us many birthdays to celebrate and we enjoyed celebrating with all of our residents. It’s not every month we celebrate a 103rd birthday and in August we celebrated two! Both Dorothy and Audrey brought in their 103rd years with parties surrounded by family and friends. Cindee Krzmarzick, our

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Candas Schouvieller, CEO/Administrator Hope. Have you ever been in the position where you were cautiously optimistic with hope for a different future? At Oak Hills, we have so much to be grateful for and hopeful for actual systemic change to care for our community for generations to come. Sometimes we have to intentionally find joy

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Thank You Advocates!

Candas Schouvieller, CEO/Administrator LeadingAge, our trade association, led the legislative session and advocated for nursing homes to receive a $52 per resident day to increase average wages by $5 per hour. For most of the session, we were set to receive $0, so we are very grateful for our grassroots efforts led by Dr. Ann

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Candas Schouvieller, Administrator April was a busy month, full of advocacy, operations, and new beginnings. How do we find new beginnings amidst all our uncertainty? Our community provides those beginnings. Thanks to many hard-working advocates within our community, we can focus on our operations and strategy for the future. Between ever changing regulations and funding

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Candas Schouvieller, CEO/Administrator Do you remember a time when you had a major life event happening along with all of the regular day to day happenings? It could be the happiest time of your life and still you feel exhausted. You think, if I can just get to the end of this time I will

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Just Keep Swimming

Candas Schouvieller, Administrator Recently, I was asked by a staff member why I am committed to Oak Hills with all of the adversity we face? That is easy. Each resident who has called Oak Hills home over the past 16 years has left a mark on my heart. Several of our staff came together to

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