The most wonderful time of the year

The most wonderful time of the year, that is the way many people refer to this time of the year.  What makes it the most wonderful time of the year?  That varies from person to person, it usually is because of being able to spend time with loved ones and celebrate the season.  For some it is a difficult time of the year for many different reasons.  What makes it special for those of us here at Oak Hills?  A number of things.  The beautiful decorations that adorn our living rooms and halls bring out a festive feeling.  The many caroling groups that come and sing for us.  Some are planned, and others come because they are drawn here.  Either way it is a wonderful treat, for the companionship and to hear them sing the songs of the season.  There are some groups/individuals that are only able to come once a year and we truly enjoy the gifts they share with us.  Of course we can’t forget the food and special treats that are only eaten at this time of the year!  Then there is the fellowship, we put on our own neighborhood Christmas parties and invite residents, their families, and the staff.  It feels like family getting together and celebrating, mainly because that is what we become.  When you are with people everyday, caring for them and visiting with them you naturally become close to them.  It is a privilege to share the joy and spirit with them and all of those we hold dear.  May you all find a way to enjoy the wonder of this time of year.

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