Candas Schouvieller, Administrator

Since our inception in 1958, Highland Manor has been evolving. So much so, that it evolved into Oak Hills Living Center in 1995. Recently, thanks to the library of Elroy Ubl and years of scrapbooks by Eileen Jacobson we saw first hand just how consistently we’ve held to evolving to serve those in our community. While the way to support Oak Hills has changed, the reason to support services here in New Ulm has not. The landscape of nursing homes and long term care continues to change and only 23% of nursing homes in the U.S. continue to be run by non-profit organizations. We invite you to learn more about our campaign, Growing Our Tomorrow, on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1zdH7agjpI. This 20 minute recording outlines the need and our long range plan of evolving into a life plan community. Why? The table below shows the trends in non-profit long term care communities in the United States. As non-profit operated nursing homes continue to shrink our future exists in offering the full continuum of care.

Oak Hills Living Center, a 501c3 non profit stand alone nursing home, is one of only 23% of nursing homes continuing to be operated under a non-profit structure.

Did you know that the $6.4 million cost to build Oak Hills Living Center in 1994 now equals $12,238,222 in 2022 according to the inflation calculator at www.saving.org.

Raised to Date: $673,030

Campaigning for Highland Manor – 46 Years Ago

While the semantics have certainly changed over the past 46 years, the case for support remains the same. When our friends and neighbors can no longer care for themselves, we must continue to provide care in our community. Donate today at www.oakhillsnewulm.com or call 507-233-0851.

April Employee Anniversaries

NameHire Year
Karen Coyour1993
Tammy Grossmann1998
Peggy Kelley2001
Christy Simpson2006
Nina Deleo2008
Danielle Andrews2012
Amy Toren2012
Katlyne Bastian2016
Rhonda Hagen2016
Carly Johnson2017
Molly Stimpert2017
Adam Back2019
Lily Miklas2019
Madisyn Fuchs2021
Elizabeth Fischer2021
Bryanna Geiger2021
Paige Kalis2021
Jenna Klinkner2021
Abigayle Mathiowetz2021
Macey Nachreiner2021
Chloe Neal2021
Margaret Shaneman2021

Employee of the Month

Our employee of the month is Michael Groebner! Both staff and residents alike appreciate Michaels’ efficient assistance with all kinds of maintenance skills. Thanks for all you do. Congratulations!

Meet a Resident

Family trips to Austin, MN to visit cousins, were a favorite for Elaine F. as a child. She also fondly recalls playing in her neighborhood. Elaine worked as a school secretary and strongly recommends chocolate desserts. Her favorite activity at Oak Hills is bingo and she has a special place in her heart for staff members Paige and Mandi. When asked if she has advice for the younger generation she recommends a treat or snack every night because it is a good way to end the day!

Thank You Donors!

Donor recognition levels and acknowledgements are now available online. A permanent donor wall will be installed upon completion of the project. View donor recognition now

Your commitment to Growing Our Tomorrow at Oak Hills Living Center is appreciated.

Today, you enter Oak Hills Living Center at the star. Once remodeled the new chapel will be to the right and assisted living to the left. Beyond the remodeled assisted living you will use a walk way to enter the memory care and enhanced assisted living expansion. The Oak View Apartments will remain unchanged. This image does not include any part of the skilled nursing facility. Questions? Call 507-233-0851.
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